Create some attitude, is what the angels say. It’s not a bad thing so no more delay. A bit of attitude does not harm anyone. It's what you need to grow and to become. Attitude is about taking back your power. Your inner self knows how, so allow her. Make room for her for growth and to expand. Let her lead the way and take her by the hand. It's your intuition which is calling. Your heart enthralling. The key for magic access and to your sacred space. With love over fear and doubt replaced. A feeling of wholeness will appear. Part of the Legion of Honor, a true chevalier. The angels will be cheering. When you enter and volunteering. Now you have all what is need for creation. Creating a life full of love and luck is now your foundation. Abundance will start to positively flow. It will make your light even more glow. All that with a simply fuck you to all that no longer serves. With open hands receiving all that you deserve.

- Lisa de Hoogh